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Saturday, October 17

Red Skies: Part 1 – The Getaway

Kham kicked open the door and Beldin barreled through, shield raised. A multitude of pistol blasts hammered his shield and shredded the doorway.

Kham stepped backed into the doorway when the blast subsided and fired off two shots. The cultists, arrayed in a semicircle around the opening to Carthy’s home, ducked behind cover.

Sebastian was next. “Fulminous arcus!”

Four cultists in a line were immediately fried as electricity sparked between them.

“Get the sextant!” shouted another cultist dressed in red robes that stood atop the carriage they had seen before.

Kham grabbed two more pistols from Skiz. “I KNEW I should have blown that thing up when I saw it.” more


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