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Sunday, October 18

Red Skies: Part 2 – Libertyville

Beldin sat in the simple rowboat that carried him and Kham. He concentrated as the wave carried them aloft and then gently deposited them on the shores of Libertyville. Sebastian landed in front of them.

“The cultist went into that building,” he pointed at the largest structure.

Beldin looked around. “If this place is supposed to rival Freeport, it’s got a long way to go.”

Ha half-dozen huts were arranged in a semi-circle, facing the beach with what was probably the town’s signal fire in the center. A guard tower and another small structure whose function was not immediately clear formed a part of the town. All the buildings were in various states of decay, and most were slowly smoldering into ashes.

“This is the aftermath of the Unspeakable One,” said Sebastian.

Kham made a beeline for the tower. A set of steps wound its way up past a number of arrow slits before ending in a platform above.

Sebastian looked up. “I hear the sound of metal scraping on stone above. I’ll check it out.” He flapped up out of sight.

Beldin and Kham exchanged looks.

”Sounded like something heavy being dragged,” said Kham. “Like a metal container of some sort.”

Beldin shoved Kham out of the way. “Get back!” more


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