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Monday, October 19

Red Skies: Part 3 – Antechamber

Sebastian found a wheel that opened a secret door in the bottom of the tower. It led to a shaft, with a ladder that ended in darkness. Kham went first.

As he was climbing down, there was a strange creaking sound and the ladder suddenly snapped into the wall. Kham let go and slid to the bottom.

He kicked out both of his feet just as he neared the bottom, catching himself in a corner of the tight shaft. He skidded to a halt. Looming below him were several sharp spikes.

Kham let out a long, shuddering breath. “Whew.”

A second later several hundred pounds of armored dwarf landed on top of him. They rolled and fell. Kham grunted as one of the spikes scraped the breastplate he wore beneath his overcoat. For once, he was glad he had it on.

Sebastian landed with a flap of his wings. “You really need to work on your trap detecting skills,” said the dark-kin.

“I’m not really the trap-finding type,” said Kham.

Beldin was battered and bruised. “We noticed.” more


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