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Friday, October 23

Red Skies: Part 7 – Hell’s Triangle

Captain Baldric, Peg-Leg Peligro, Sebastian, Beldin, and Carthy were all huddled on deck in front of the Nǎoké.

“Kham!” shouted Beldin. “You’re alive!”

Kham smiled and waved. “Great to see me too.” He was stinking drunk.

“We were just discussing which ship to take into Hell’s Triangle.” Sebastian indicated Captain Baldric and the Nǎoké. “But it seems that problem has been solved.”

“Aye, I’ll be takin’ ye into th’ Triangle mesself.”

Kham scratched the back of his head. “This wouldn’t have to do with the publicity coup that a victory would bring you in snaring that seat on the Captain’s Council, would it?”

Baldric shot a glare at Peligro with his good eye. “Ye sure he’s been dead all this time?” more


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