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Friday, October 2

Time and the Serpent: Part 3 – Everybody Do the Dinosaur

Jim-Bean pounded out into the street, several shambling corpses moaning behind him. The allosaurus, sniffing at a pile of garbage, looked up.

"Jim-Bean!" shouted Hammer in the direction of the gate. "This way!"

Jim-Bean plunged towards the sound of Hammer's voice. The allosaurus roared a challenge and set off after him.

The moaning, which had shifted from a soft background noise that could be easily mistaken for the wind, had become an awful chorus. It was the zombies.

Jim-Bean caught a glimpse of just how many blue-tinged corpses had been animated as he ran through an intersection. Hundreds, if not thousands, were all attracted to the sound of the allosaurus' bellowing. And some of them weren't shambling but running full-tilt, as easily fast as Jim-Bean himself.

He kept running. The crowd of corpses converged behind him, right in the allosaurus' path.

Momentarily distracted by the onset of new if somewhat rancid meat, the allosaurus scooped up a pile of zombies and, tossing them into the air like popcorn, swallowed several whole. Arms and legs that didn't fit into its maw were severed and plopped to the ground.

But more zombies were coming. They clawed at its legs as it strode among them, flattening dozens. It finally had to stop its headlong charge as many jumped onto its back, clawing and gnashing. Unbalanced by the irritating things, the allosaurus collided with a building. The building groaned and teetered forward. more


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