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Sunday, October 4

Time and the Serpent: Part 5 – The Throne Room

The throne room was nearly one hundred feet long and carved from obsidian. Every five feet a pillar rose from the floor to the ceiling, twenty feet above the chamber’s floor. The pillars resembled huge malformed bones, twisting in their contorted support of the roof. A group of figures were visible at the far end of the hall; gathered around a device of some sort, but it was impossible to make out anything clearly from such a distance. The only illumination was derived from the machine and its weird lights casting bizarre shadows along the walls of the hall.

As the agents crept closer, a low chanting was audible. It was a strange and alien chorus; the combined voices resonated in a very harmonious way. The chanting became louder and louder.

Eventually they agents got close enough to clearly see the figures and the machine.

The figures were six serpent people. They were dressed alike, garbed in a smooth, flexible armor covered with runes. The runes were closely related to the runes discovered throughout the fortress. They stood atop a dias enclosed with a low wall.

The eighth figure wasn't a serpent person but none other than Arthur Hunt, dressed in flowing red robes, likewise covered with the familiar runes. He stood closest to the machine, hands stretched out in front of him. All of the serpent people seem to be in a sort of trance as they chant ever louder, unaware of the intruders.

"I knew he was a snake man," muttered Jim-Bean. more


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