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Tuesday, November 10

Dawn Biozyme: Conclusion

"Mission accomplished," Hammer reported to Sprague. "We have taken down Dawn Biozyme."

"I heard," said Sprague over the cistron. "Using the files we found on the hard drive, we initiated a full-blown federal investigation."

"Great—" began Hammer.

"But one of MegaCosmo's board members, 58-year-old David Melton, was found dead of his own hand. His suicide note confessed guilt in the funding and covert manipulation of Dawn Biozyme, and records accompanying the note contained information implicating Melton and Matthew Lewis in a plot to fleece millions from Dawn Biozyme, Tiger Transit, and MegaCosmos. The state of California is prosecuting Lewis now."

"So we didn't eff up, huh?" said Jim-Bean, fishing for a compliment.

"If you define not f*&king up as letting the head researcher go in a witness protection program deal that you had no authority to implement, yes, you did a great job," snarled Sprague. "But first things first. I'm sending you information on the Finley's experimental farm he was using to grow Fumo Loco, the predecessor to Coca Loco. Find out what you can, remove the evidence, and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Finley's still out there; we've had his mansion cased for days but he hasn't returned. If he's at the farm, bring him in."

"Can't we just use the JERICHO jets to just scour the place clean…?" began Jim-Bean, but Sprague had already cut him off.

"Guess that's a no," said Hammer. more


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