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Monday, November 9

Isles of the Damned: Part 1e – The Isle of Undeath

Kham appeared in a flash.

“Hey Sebastian.” He waved at the dark-kin, as if he hadn’t just walked in on a massacre. “What’s going on?”

“Shiver in fear before the frozen depths of hell!”

Sebastian didn’t have time for banter. “Look out, he’s casting a—“

Kham dove to the side as a cone of freezing wind blasted towards Sebastian. The dark-kin shrugged it off. Some of his defenses were still in place, and it was fortunately the one that protected him from cold.

“And who are you now?” asked Daen, clearly aggravated.

“Nobody important,” said Kham. He drew his pistols. “But I’m guessing you’re a bad guy.”

“Oh, I’m not so bad once you get to know me,” clacked Daen. “But I’ll like you much better dead, I think.” He pointed at Kham.

Nothing happened.

Daen looked at his pointer finger. “Hmm, that usually works.” more


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