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Monday, November 16

Isles of the Damned: Part 2e – The Boneshaper’s Throne

They barely had time to reach the boat and find their sea legs when Zoltan’s voice boomed down from the crow’s nest.

“This is where I made my name! On the open seas on moonlit nights. How about you, mi amigos? Do you have what it takes to fight on another man’s decks?”

“Where’d the cliffs go?” asked Beldin.

The cliffs behind them had vanished. Open ocean surrounded them on all sides. A big fat merchant vessel pulled along the starboard side.

“You know,” said Kham, “I’m getting the impression that style matters more in this place than substance. Beldin, come with me.”

The dwarf grunted but complied.

Vlad and Sebastian exchanged glances.

“Any idea what he’s up to?” asked the Milandisian.

Sebastian shrugged. “At this point I’m willing to set that other ship on fire along with the annoying fop who keeps shouting at us.” more


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