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Monday, November 16

Landscrapes: Part 3 – "Work Shed"

The equipment shed was cluttered and dirty, filled with agricultural tools and implements. A gasoline-powered electrical generator supplied emergency power to the house.

"Weed killer," said Jim-Bean, pointing at one of the many containers in the work shed.

A humanoid form silhouetted the entryway to the shed. But it was not a human being – not anymore. What was once the corpse of a youth was now a mess of living red creepers that sprouted from his rotting body, his guts, his mouth, and his eyes.

Jim-Bean fired a spray of bullets into the dead kid's plant-inhabited corpse. It reached upwards, tendrils stretching and gripping, and then it was gone.

"What the hell was that?" asked Hammer.

"Steven Tagget, I'm guessing," said Jim-Bean. "I don't think we're going to find Finley here."

The roof thunked as the Tagget-thing clambered around on the shed.

Hammer pointed both pistols at the ceiling.

"No, Hammer, wait—"

Hammer sprayed the ceiling with gunfire.

The thin shed roof, already straining under the weight of a body, collapsed. Hammer and Jim-Bean fell backwards under the debris. more


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