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Wednesday, November 18

Landscrapes: Part 5 – Forest for the Trees

The explosion was so powerful that it knocked Hammer down, yards away, and blew out all the glass in the greenhouse.

The tree burst into flames, stopping in its tracks. What was left of the work shed disintegrated in a flaming pile of wreckage.

"Jimmy?" Hammer shouted into his cistron. "Jim?"

No response.

Hammer caught sight of a streaking red line moving along the ground. He sprayed wildly with his Glock, missing it.

It darted back into the copse of trees. And another oak, this one larger than the first, painfully tore up its roots.

Hammer, jaw set, knew what he had to do.

"Come on!" shouted Hammer, setting the gas can next to him. "Come on you son of a bitch!"

The tree awkwardly, slowly, stumped towards him. It would have been comical under different circumstances.

Hammer backed up, rifle at the ready. The tree strode within yards of the gas can.

"Come on," whispered Hammer. "Just a little closer…"

The tree stopped. It waved one huge limb, curling branches around it in the chastising gesture of a human finger, as if to say, "Nah ah ah!"

Hammer swore. It was smarter than he thought. more


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