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Wednesday, December 30

Crisis in Freeport: Conclusion

Beldin and Sebastian sat at the Last Resort, nursing their drinks. By now the other patrons knew to leave them alone, and the Brandydales had given them a private room; Sebastian was scaring the regulars.

“The guardsmen who fired the cannon at the Salon du Masque were hired by someone,” said Sebastian. “Someone who didn’t want Arias to talk.”

“The elorii?” asked Beldin.

Sebastian shook his head. “I don’t think so. But if Mentire was working for the Emperor, and he was controlling Persius, he needed a contact here. A wretch like that doesn’t make contacts easily. He was receiving his orders from a go-between. Someone who knows Freeport well.”

The dwarf slurped from his mug. “If the Emperor makes the elorii look like the enemy, Freeport won’t ally with them. Do we have any leads on that spy?”

”We have but one: Cunegunda.”

Beldin stared down into his ale. “How’d you come by that name?”

Sebastian looked up from his drink. “Do you really want to know?” more


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