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Thursday, December 24

Crisis in Freeport: Part 12a – The Council’s Decree

Sebastian and Beldin returned just ahead of the hurricane, only to find Freeport battening down the hatches of one of the worst storms the city had ever seen. Priests of Yarris preached at the waterfront, beseeching their god to show mercy, while others claimed the hurricane was punishment for the desecrations that took place during the riots.

They returned Emric promptly to Thralen’s residence, pausing for several hours to wait out the hurricane. Then they promptly hurried to the Plaza of Gold.

“I’ve called for an emergency meeting of the Captain’s Council, as you requested,” said Thralen. “But I’m not sure that having it in public is wise…”

“It’s the only way,” snapped Sebastian. “We’re done hiding. The people must see that Emric is suited for the Sea Lord’s Throne. I will prove it to them all.” more


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