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Friday, December 25

Crisis in Freeport: Part 12b – The Council’s Decree

Two more crossbow bolts thudded into Beldin. One of them lodged in his armor. The other struck him in the upper arm.

“You’ll have to do better than that!” shouted Beldin. He whirled, looking for the assassins.

He didn’t have to look for long. Three feminine forms, one swathed in black, one in dark brown, and the third in dark blue, all converged on him simultaneously. All of their faces were masked.

Beldin recognized one of the assassins. “Jesswin!”

The lead assassin who had fired the crossbow bolt at Sebastian made a feint with her knife, goading Beldin into making a mistake. “Close. We are all Jesswin.”

Marilise Maeorgan screamed for her coach. Other council members reached for weapons.

Her two companions struck simultaneously. Beldin was only able to block one with his shield as the other stabbed him in the arm.

Beldin made the woman flanking his left pay for the attack. He thwacked her hard with his shield, knocking her into the crowd. The orc mob engulfed her. Her flailing hand disappeared in a sea of green fists.

The second assassin back flipped past Beldin. She was making her way towards Emric. more


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