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Sunday, December 27

Crisis in Freeport: Part 14 – The Baths

A favorite spot of the rich and busy, the baths at the Salon du Masque provided guests with a comfortable way to relax and relieve stress. Large bathtubs were laid out throughout the room, kept filled with hot water for any who needed a soak. The room was constantly filled with steam by an automatic system that ran water over hot coals. As a result, it was muggy and clouded.

Beldin opened the door and a bell rang above him. “Uh oh…”

A volley of arrows perforated Beldin’s shield as he ducked down just in time. The room was completely filled with mist.

“I’ll deal with this,” said Sebastian. “Incendiares globus!” more


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:15 AM

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