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Tuesday, December 15

Crisis in Freeport: Part 3 – Freeport in Chaos

From the newspaper office, the riots spread like wildfire throughout the city. Within minutes, groups of people that were peacefully gathered before became a riotous mob, violently lashing with other crowds and looting and pillaging as they went. The mobs were increasingly destructive, mowing through the city like a vicious, many-headed serpent. In less than a half hour, Sebastian’s conflagration caused thick billows of black smoke to rise from rooftops around the city.

The sounds of violence echoed down every street as Beldin passed. Those citizens not involved in the riot holed themselves up in their houses and shops, shuttering the windows and barring the doors. Most streets stood empty, with only stray dogs and debris drifting between buildings.

By contrast, the rioting mobs themselves were loud and brutal. Composed of orcs and human gang members, the mobs tore a destructive swathe through Freeport with every passing moment.

Amid the violent brawls and cacophony of the riot, a lone woman sat leaning against the side of a nearby building, eyes unfocused and seemingly unaware of her dangerous surroundings. Strikingly beautiful with long dark red hair and a lithe body, a, she stood out against the ugly backdrop of the unruly crowds. It was likely only her inaction had kept from coming to the attention of the rioters.

Beldin squinted. “You’re Letah Calame, aren’t you?”

“I…” her eyes were glazed. “My bodyguard…we were on the way to the Salon du Masque…”

The dwarf let out a heavy sigh. “Given the lies you’ve been spreading about me and my friends, I don’t see why I should help you, but…” He took out his axe. “Follow me.” more


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