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Wednesday, December 16

Crisis in Freeport: Part 4 – Shark, Ahoy!

The sun had set, casting an eerie pall over the burning embers across Freeport’s buildings. Sebastian sat atop yet another building, brooding on the events he had caused. It wasn’t so much that he felt bad about it, as things had taken an unexpected turn. He was no closer to stopping Leviathan. But perhaps he could turn things to his advantage…

A strange roar interrupted his thoughts. In the distance, a ball of flames billowed in front of the Sea Lord’s Palace.

Sebastian took wing, flapping his wings to gain lift. Something whistled upwards toward him from the fireball. He twisted and the projectile whizzed past him. It struck the wall of the building behind him with such force that bricks were dislodged in a powder of dust and debris. Whatever it was that nearly hit him, it was heavy.

Sebastian looked down. Rolling to a stop was the head of the Spirit of Freeport, the statue that had been created by Marissa Lapideaux and placed in front of the Sea Lord’s Palace.

Sebastian launched himself towards the Sea Lord’s Palace. Below him, people ran in crowds from the source of the explosion, screaming in terror. He kept flying, only to make out a terrible sight.

The thing was colossal, easily over sixty feet tall. It was draconic in appearance, with vicious maws atop two long, sinuous necks. Its hunched lower body smashed through the street, its tail whipping in agitation. Blood-red eyes released gouts of flame.

The crowd had scattered. A lone elorii stood in the center of the wreckage, facing the beast down, an arrow knocked in his bow.

Sebastian landed next to him. “This thing yours?”

The elorii nodded. “We were transporting the two-headed rage drake to the ship Menagerie. When the riots broke out, the sedation wore off. We’ve got to stop it!” He fired the arrow. more


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