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Friday, December 18

Crisis in Freeport: Part 6 – Thralen’s Plea for Help

The riots raged on in the city for hours. By nightfall, the air was thick with the smell of smoke and blood. Except for the most violent mobs still rampaging throughout the city, most of the rioters bled off and returned to their homes, their anger spent by the end of the day. By sundown, the remaining members of the Sea Lord’s Guard managed to disperse most of the crowds and send those few they arrested to prison.

A relative calm settled over Freeport at nightfall, but it was short-lived. As the evening passed, the surviving members of the Sea Lord’s Guard launched an all-out attack on the Cutthroats, taking advantage of the death of their leader. Throughout the city, guardsmen assaulted known haunts and safe houses frequented by gang members, killing dozens in the process. By the time night had fully fallen, the streets of Freeport ran red with the blood of criminals and ordinary citizens alike.

With order at least mostly restored, the city slowly got back into its usual rhythm. Though there were many missing faces on the street the next day—the riot took a severe toll on even the peaceful populace—most of the city was back to doing business. A fearful melancholy hung over most of the inhabitants.

Beldin, fully restored by Peg-Leg’s healing magic, joined Sebastian at Thralen Vodric Ossan’s home. It was clear the man had not slept well in awhile.

“I’d like to thank you both again for coming on such short notice,” said Thralen in his usual baritone. “Much has…” he looked Sebastian up and down. “…changed, since we last met.”

Sebastian pretended not to notice. more


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