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Saturday, December 19

Crisis in Freeport: Part 7 – The Warehouse District

It didn’t take long for them to find Warehouse 48, owned by none other than Baldric himself. When they arrived, they found a large whale of a man with reddened, leathery skin and stark white eyebrows and beard. He was ranting and raving outside.

“This is intolerable! I’ll take the repairs out of his skinny hide!”

Sebastian landed and the man stopped talking for only a second. “Have you seen six men carrying a sack come this way?”

The white eyebrows shot up. “What? Who are you?”

Beldin stepped forward and shook the man’s hand. “I’m Beldin Soulforge and this is Sebastian Arnyal. And you are…?”

“Captain Bartelbee.” He didn’t take his eyes off Sebastian.

“Nice to meet you, Captain Bartelbee” said Baldric. “What happened here?”

“Yesterday, during the riots, me and my sailors were guarding my ship when a bunch of elves come scurrying back to The Knife in a hurry.”

“The Knife?” asked Beldin. “That’s a ship?”

“Aye. They loaded some small cargo onto the ship and began cutting their moorings and getting it underway. The Knife’s crew worked quickly. They moved like devils were at their heels. In their haste, they smashed the side of my ship!” He started cursed and swearing again. “It’ll cost a king’s ransom to fix!”

Sebastian rolled his eyes and fished out a coin purse full of gold doubloons. “This should fix it. Now which way did they go?” more


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