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Sunday, December 20

Crisis in Freeport: Part 8 – Bloody Tide

The winds were strong and only through the incredible efforts of the crew did they manage to cross the treacherous waters to reach Windward Isle. Through the lashing rain, they could make out a white strand of beach and the fitful flames of bonfires. A ship of no inconsequential size was anchored a few hundred yards from shore. Though the sails were furled, the other ship rocked alarmingly and its lanterns swung wildly.

As they made ready, a cry of horror pierced the shrieking wind. Climbing over the rails were fearsome creatures, some sort of a cross between a man and a shark. It was led by something grotesque and strong.

The leader was six-feet tall, with slick blue-black skin stretched tautly over knotty cords of muscle, long arms ending in viciously taloned and webbed claws, a bullet-like head with no discernable neck, and a face more fish than human.

“Camring!” gasped Beldin.

“That’s right!” snarled a familiar feminine voice from behind him. “My son has returned to claim his legacy!”

“Sycorax?” Sebastian sighed. “How many vampires stowed away on this ship, anyway?” more


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