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Monday, December 21

Crisis in Freeport: Part 9 – The Knife

In the sea, rocking on the high waves, was a large ship about the size of a caravel. Despite the driving rain and wind, shapes could be seen moving about on the deck. As they drew nearer, great roaring fires illuminated the shore, revealing a number of burning buildings and a beach littered with the dead. Behind the carnage rose a large inn Lights shined through its shuttered windows. Out in front, a number of smaller boats lay scattered about.

Sebastian clambered up onto the deck of the ship, unaccustomed to such an undignified approach. But there was no help for it; the weather didn’t allow flight. Beldin followed behind, untroubled by the rocking motion of the ship.

The Knife’s main deck was crowded with coils of rope, crates, cages holding chickens and pigs, and assorted other supplies.

Sebastian tried the door to the forecabin. It was locked.

He withdrew a chime from the folds of his sodden robes and rang it once. Despite the roaring wind, a single, clear note rang out. The door unlocked.

Inside was a large cabin with triple bunks lining the walls. The foremast ran from the floor out through the ceilings. A single lantern illuminated the room and its inhabitants.

The bald elorii struggled to pull up his pants at the intrusion. “I shaid I was busy!” he slurred.

A young boy scrambled to his feet.

Sebastian shook himself off, stretching his wings out. “Talathiel. I should have known.” more


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