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Tuesday, December 1

Isles of the Damned: Part 4d – Crystal Lake Island

A twisted gnome with a red Mohawk tumbled up to him, crossbow at the ready.

“Wait a minute…” said the gnome. “I remember you! You’re that idiot I tried to kill in Freeport!”

Kham tried to track the gnome with the Leviathan Pistol. “Funny, you don’t ring a bell.”

“Rooster Tumblefoot! You don’t remember me? You were blitzed out of your mind on Ghoul Juice when that flapping idiot up there,” he jabbed a thumb in Sebastian’s direction, “melted me into slag!”

“Nope, don’t remember you.”

The gnome fired his crossbow but it went wide. “What? Aren’t you surprised I’m still alive?”

Kham kept tracking him with the pistol. “Not really.”

“Don’t you see how amazingly powerful Moab’s magic is?” The gnome was becoming visibly frustrated. He drew his short sword and advanced on Kham. “I mean, I was his one success with the Leviathan Spyglass…I managed to escape this crazy place! Then when I nearly died, it drew me back. Moab saved me from the brink of death.”

Rooster lunged with his blade, but Kham blurred sideways out of his field of view.

“Skin grafts take a LONG time! A lot of people died so I could live.” The gnome looked around. “You sure you don’t remember me?”

Kham was standing on the rigging above him. Kham’s eyes flashed from behind his lenses.

Rooster’s eyes rolled in his head. He collapsed to the deck, drool dripping from his slack jaw, his brain smashed from Kham's psychic attack.

“Sorry, nothing’s coming to mind.” Kham landed next to him and kicked Rooster’s dying body overboard. more


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