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Wednesday, December 2

Isles of the Damned: Part 4e – Crystal Lake Island

There was little evidence in Moab Cys’varion’s wretched form that he was once an elorii. His hair had long since fallen out and his pupiless eyes were pink. His flesh was splotchy white in patches, gray in others. He stood at the far end of the ship.

“I should be thankful,” Moab said in soft tones. “I had hoped to send my armies into Freeport. Instead I have sent them here and they have all failed. Or rather, they have achieved what I wished for them to accomplish.”

Beldin and Vlad stood resolute. “What’s that?” asked the dwarf as they advanced on him.

“They softened you up so that I may have you as experiments. You will make suitable replacements for my former adventuring companions. I need good warriors.”

Beldin circled around one side of the Naoke’s mainmast and Vlad around the other. Sailor and mutant bodies were littered everywhere.

“But for the moment, I think you will make quite a nice statue.” Moab pointed at Beldin. “Corporeus lapideus!”

A sparkling green beam struck the dwarf but it didn’t slow him. “That the best you got?”

Moab sneered. “Perhaps the former giant would like to become smaller: Resilio adstringo!”

The dwarf didn’t slow his stride.

Moab frowned but didn’t waste time on threats. He pointed at Vlad. “Polymorph alius!”

Nothing happened.

Beldin slapped Windcutter in an open palm. “This is going to be easier than I thought.” more


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