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Sunday, December 6

Isles of the Damned: Part 5d – R’lyeh

As the forest started to break up, Beldin pointed out a deep, ridged furrow in the earth.

“Looks like claw marks,” he said, “the same as in the tunnel.”

“Howled all the way, he did!” said Harry. “The ground didn’t stop blazing for ten winters!”

They followed the trench out of the forest. As the forest fell away to marshland, the ground turned to brackish, rust-colored mud that bubbled and oozed, sending off heady clouds of sulfur. The stink was overpowering.

“Bled himself dry, he did, when he tore through here!” observed Harry. “Mark the ground well—the rest of his wine, as willful and wicked as it were when he lived! Look lively now, else ye’ll melt down into the earth yerself!”

Finally, they saw it. more


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