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Wednesday, December 9

Isles of the Damned: Part 5g – R’lyeh

The piles of treasure climbed up the shaft one by one, dragged themselves across the island, and loaded themselves onto the Naoke.

When they were back on board the Naoke, Harry cleared his throat. “I believe there’s a stowaway in this crew,” he called out, pointing at Kham.

Kham drew the Leviathan Pistol at lightning speed and had it aimed at Harry’s head. “I agree, but you should be pointing at yourself.”

Father Peg-Leg gazed at Harry’s attire, his face, his bearing. “What deity be in that frame, I’m doubtful, but fer sure some deity be there. Whoever ye are, be gracious, bless our labors, and forgive these fellows!” he shouted.

Harry shook himself, as if he were shedding a cloak, and suddenly a divine being glittered before them. He appeared as a charming young man with a roguish smile and icy blue eyes. His rich, dark hair waved about him, and on his strong shoulders he wore a purple robe.

They were in the presence of a god. more


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