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Monday, December 14

No Pain, No Gain: Part 10 – Life With Jenny

Other than bland human news in five minute chunks, idiotic talk shows blaring in the background, and unnervingly reactionary soap operas, the march of time became difficult to track. Hours passed.

"Did you hear that?" asked Archive.

They all craned their necks to listen.

There was a scrabbling noise, like brittle silk and powdered glass.

"It sounds like…millions of tiny feet," said Hammer. "Jimmy?"

"I'm not sure I want to look," said Jim-Bean with a frown. He concentrated…

Armbruster was sprawled against the far wall of a cave. A horde of crickets scrabbled down from a hole in the ceiling towards her. At first Jim-Bean thought she was about to be consumed by them, but then he realized it was actually the reverse.

The bugs swarmed over her, fighting to enter her gaping mouth. Her eyes seemed to acknowledge his presence even though she couldn't possibly see his scrying. Without attempting to speak, her gesture seemed to be an offer to share…

Jim-Bean sprang back, once again in the cell, sweating.

"Well?" asked Archive.

"It's better off if you don't know," said Jim-Bean. more


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