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Wednesday, December 16

No Pain, No Gain: Part 12 – Cigars for Everybody

"Where were you?" Hammer glared at Jim-Bean, who had returned to the sleeping quarters sometime in the middle of the night.

"I…I'm not sure," Jim-Bean lied.

"You were with her for a long time," said Archive.

"Did you get anything useful out of her?" asked Hammer. They only spoke about escape plans when Armbruster was feeding. The noise drowned out their conversation.

Jim-Bean shook his head. "I need more time…"

"So much for your great escape plan," snapped Hammer. "Archive?"

"I've been experimenting with some of the chemicals," whispered Archive. "I think I could create an explosion if I needed to."

"We'll need it. She keeps the entrance blocked and none of us are strong enough to open it on our own. Only you could do it, Jimmy."

"I don't think I could do it fast enough for us all to get out in time."

"It all may be moot soon. By my count we've been here a week," said Hammer. "Majestic is going to be looking for us."

"Are you sure about that?" asked Archive. "I didn't think Sprague cared if we lived or died."

Hammer smirked. "Not us. Him." He pointed at Jim-Bean. "Jimmy's too valuable." more


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