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Sunday, December 6

No Pain, No Gain: Part 2 – The End of Rand

Hammer jimmied the lock to Rand's apartment. The agents spread out, carefully surveying each room. A few minutes later, they joined Archive in Rand's office.

"What have you got?" asked Hammer.

"There's a poster of a woman named Jennifer Armbruster in her bedroom," said Jim-Bean. "Not a bad looking chick, for a bodybuilder. I also found this." He showed Hammer a jar. "That residue look familiar?"

Hammer nodded. "Oh yes, how could I forget? Tertiary cnidocytes."

"Or at least Mother's Milk. I also found this notebook. Has mostly shopping lists and household notes. Rand was a bodybuilder too; there are weightlifting sets in there. But take a look at the weird chant."

Archive took the notebook from Jim-bean and scanned it. "This is an endurance chant." more


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