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Tuesday, December 8

No Pain, No Gain: Part 4 – Finding Fiona

Jim-Bean's cistron beeped.

"The STREETSWEEPER team is finished," he read aloud. "They found a body in the rubble that they think might be Noelle Rand." Jim-Bean left out the part where Sprague bitched them out for destroying the place before the STREETSWEEPER team arrived, but it was probably for the best.

"They think? They're not sure?" asked Hammer.

Jim-Bean shook his head. "They're having difficulty determining the gender."

Hammer frowned. He was having second thoughts about blowing the place up as well. "Because of the blast?"

"Because there's chromosomal damage. The DNA matches up but the gender is all wrong. It's almost as if she was a hermaphrodite."

Hammer blinked. "Was she?"

"I don't think so. There's no medical records indicating such. She always identified herself as female."

"But she was a bodybuilder," said Hammer.

A light went off in Jim-Bean's head. "Who needs steroids when you can use Mother's Milk?"

"Who knows what injecting that stuff would do to you?" asked Hammer.

"Speaking of genetic material, the caretaker, that thing in the water, and those little beasts were all related."

Hammer shuddered. "I didn't need to know that." more


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