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Wednesday, December 9

No Pain, No Gain: Part 5 – Of Course It’s a Trap

The address led to an abandoned warehouse. Lights were on inside.

Archive, his arm bandaged, was mostly functional. "So…why are we here again?"

They all wore night vision goggles.

"We're ambushing the people who ambushed Fiona," said Hammer. With workman-like efficiency, he placed a small charge next to electrical wiring that led to the warehouse. He handed the detonator to Archive. "Ready?"

Jim-Bean shouldered a submachinegun with a grenade launcher attachment. He slapped his goggles over his eyes. "Ready!"

Archive etched the Elder Sign with chalk on Jim-Bean and Hammer's guns. Then he reluctantly lowered his goggles. "Ready."

Hammer made his way over to the side door of the warehouse. "Jimmy, you've got the count."

Jim-Bean, a pistol in one hand, used his other to count down. He counted off silently with his fingers: Three. Two. One.

Archive pressed the detonator on the charge. It blew, frying the electrical circuits to the warehouse.

At the same, Hammer kicked open the door, both Glocks at the ready.

The warehouse was filled with all sorts of boxes and containers, making it difficult to see. Then they heard a familiar squealing.

"Secondary cnidocytes," swore Jim-Bean. "Lots of them." more


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