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Saturday, December 12

No Pain, No Gain: Part 8 – The Thing in the Cave

Jim-Bean followed the trail of the cable like a human divining rod. He pointed at a large lava boulder near the river. "It leads here."

Hammer looked askance at the boulder. "There's no way we can lift that ourselves."

"Don’t be so sure," said Jim-Bean. "I may not be able to telekinetically move it around, but I'm pretty sure I can lift it straight up."

Jim-Bean put his palms to the boulder and concentrated.

Slowly but surely, the boulder levitated upwards, inch by inch. "When the opening is wide enough," grunted Jim-Bean, "Go!"

After the boulder lifted up a few more feet, Hammer ducked inside, scoping out the cavern with his pistols. Archive followed soon after.

When it was about four feet high in the air, Jim-Bean, still keeping his hands pressed against the boulder, carefully ducked inside. Then he let the boulder softly return to its resting place.

They were in utter darkness. Hammer slapped his nightvision goggles over his eyes and the others did likewise.

"You realize," whispered Archive, "we're now trapped in here, right?"

"Can you see anything ahead?" Hammer asked Jim-Bean.

Jim-Bean knew what he meant. He shook his head. "Music stopped, lights went out. They know we're here."

"Okay, weapons hot, eyes peeled," said Hammer. They slowly advanced into a cavernous hallway…

When the ceiling exploded. more


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