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Monday, January 4

City Under Siege: Part 1a – Continental Influence

Sebastian woke up with a start. Someone was in his room.

“This is all wrong!” hissed a feminine voice. “I shouldn’t be here!”

The dark-kin roused himself from the bed, spreading his wings out before him. “You…you look familiar. Weren’t you Thralen’s maidservant?”

The woman glared at him. The whites of her eyes were showing.

“You recognize me, even in complete darkness?” She pointed at Sebastian’s eyes with forked fingers. “Then I’ve no choice: Cadic take your sight!”

Sebastian screamed and clutched his eyes. “It was you! You were the spy who directed Mentire! You were pulling the strings on behalf of the Emperor!”

“Yes, but…” she stuttered. “I was defecting. This wasn’t…I’m not supposed to be here!”

Kham appeared in a flash of light. He looked surprised. “What the hell?” more


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