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Wednesday, January 6

City Under Siege: Part 1c – Continental Influence

Quintus Aurelius val’Emman stood flanked by the rest of contubernium: Hervius Flavinius Tranio, the legionnaire sorcerer with hair that fanned out behind like a centurion’s helmet; Oppius Camelius Rusticus, the best scout in the legions; Tertius Caprenius Augustalis, the horn blower responsible for drawing the attention of the men and issuing the audible commands of the officers; and four other milites gregarious, the foot soldiers who were vital to the contubernium.

“Hold the line!” he shouted.

The shadow creatures seethed all around them. Thousands of shadow creatures had poured through the rift, attacking both sides indiscriminately. They were no longer fighting for honor; they were fighting for their lives.

Hervius unleashed a blast of force, tearing through a group of the shadow beings. Tertius blew his horn, keeping their spirits high.

Quintus held up his signum. “In the name of Illir, go back to the pits from whence you came!”

Blinding light speared from the signum into the roiling mass of shadow beings. They disintegrated before it like so many seeds in a strong wind.

And still they came. “There’s too many!” Oppius’ arrows had little effect on the incorporeal things.

“Hold the line!” commanded Quintus again.

“Look!’ said Tertius.

A roiling mass of greenish-white spearmen marched forward, heading straight for the shadow portal.

“Their standard,” said Oppius, “but that’s impossible, that legion is long dead!”

“You are correct,” said Quintus, leaning on his signum. “Those are the ghosts of the Doom of Chendo legion.” more


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