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Thursday, January 7

City Under Siege: Part 2 – We Are Under Attack!

Kham awakened from his slumber to the sounds of a deckhand screaming out in alarm. Rushing topside, he saw a fleet of barbarian longships moving rapidly through the light mist.

Kham called to his first mate. “How many?”

“Ten, sir, at least, but there are probably more.”

“They’re trying to block off the harbor. We need to open it up so the other ships can get out. Ready the cannons!”

“Readying the cannons!”

Kham turned. “Keep firing, clear that path! I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going sir?

“To warn the others.” He concentrated…

And he was back in the Sea Lord’s Palace. Sebastian and Beldin had just finished arming themselves.

“So you’ve heard?” asked Kham.

“About the orcs?” Beldin fired back.

“Wait, what?” more


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:09 PM

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