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Saturday, January 9

City Under Siege: Part 3b – Barbarians at the Gate

Elabac stood with his comrades, surrounded by bodyguards, at the Forges.

“We are to defend this forge…with our very lives!” wheezed Elabac. “Do not…falter!”

The dwarves stood stoically, waraxes and warhammers clenched in their hands, visors low, shields before them.

The enemy’s numbers were vast. The Legion of Unsettled Quietus, a Nerothian legion, moved in lock step. But for the clanking of armor and the rustling of arms, they made not a sound.

“Undead,” whispered one of Elabac’s young apprentices.

“How can we withstand such an army, Master Elabac?” The young one’s beard wasn’t very long, less than a foot. “They are so many and we are so few!”

Elabac patted the young dwarf on the shoulder. “Have…faith.” more


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