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Sunday, January 10

City Under Siege: Part 4a – Get Them Guns Blazin’!

“Airships!” shouted Quintus.

The Judgment of Nier and the Inferno hovered over Enpebyn, bristling with Altherian weaponry. The cannons slowly winched into place.

“We can’t stop that kind of firepower,” said Tertius, slowly lowering his horn from his lips.

The cannons began blasting away, tearing huge chunks of masonry off of Enpebyn’s walls. Guards flailed like rag dolls off the sides of the fortifications, screaming as they went.

“Hervius!” ordered Quintus. “I ignited blastpowder once. Can your magic do the same?”

Hervius shot Quintus an odd smile. “Most certainly. But I would need time.”

“Can you get us up there?”

“Some of us,” said Hervius. “But we will be spotted.”

“I can conceal us,” said Tertius. “You just focus on getting us close to that ship.”

Quintus nodded to Tertius. “Let’s do it.”

Tertius whispered a spell. Nothing happened.

Oppius frowned. “So much for that…”

“It worked,” said Tertius. “Just stay within ten paces of me.”

“Quintus, Oppius, Tertius,” said Hervius. “Hold onto my cloak.” He was watching the Inferno. “We’re going to have to do two quick hops. I can’t reach the distance from here.”

“Wait,” said Oppius. “Two quick hops? Where’s the first hop to?”

Hervius pointed at a crenellation along Enpebyn’s wall right in front of the Inferno. The floating Altherian gunship would most certainly blast it to oblivion in a matter of seconds. “There: Mundai ianua!” more


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