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Monday, January 11

City Under Siege: Part 4b – Get Them Guns Blazin’!

Sebastian flew over Freeport. He could see barbarians closing in from everywhere. Shrill war cries and screams came from the outskirts of Drac’s End. Citizens fled in panic. He could also make out the orc mob, just leaving the Field of Honor and making its way toward the Eastern Gate of the Old City.

Sebastian moved on. His destination was one of the many towers facing the harbor, each armed with a Fihali cannon. In fitting pirate fashion, Freeport had even stolen its own defenses.

The towers stood about fifty feet high. Bodies lay scattered around the gun closest to the harbor. Flaming wreckage from one of the barbarian ships indicated they had gotten one good shot off, but the tower itself was on fire. Sebastian guessed a misfire; Fihali weapons were never meant for human hands.

Sebastian landed. He had the opportunity to inspect fihali technology when he was aboard their ship. That information served him well. To fire, the cannons required life force and magical energy. He threw an enchanted dagger down the barrel, satisfying the first requirement.

But the second was not so easy. Strange hand impressions were at the base, suited for a clawed fihali. Sebastian put his hands in the depressions…

And screamed as the cannon tore magic out of him by sheer force. It felt as if his eyeballs and been strained through his fingertips. The results were spectacular: The gun roared and with a huge kick, belched forth a massive fireball the likes of which he had never seen. The ensuing fireball sailed over the harbor. more


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