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Tuesday, January 12

City Under Siege: Part 4c – Get Them Guns Blazin’!

Oppius stabbed one of the Inferno’s crew. “Do we have a plan to get off this ship or was this a suicide mission?”

Quintus skewered two men with his longspear. “Would it matter to you either way?”

“Not really,” said Oppius. “I was just curious if I was throwing my life away on the deck of this stupid ship.”

“Get down!” shouted Hervius from behind them.

They knew better than to ignore the sorcerer’s command. Lightning streaked over their heads, frying several of the advancing crewmembers. But more were coming.

“It’s done!” shouted Hervius. “But I used up too much energy…”

“What?” asked Oppius. “What does that mean?”

“It means I only have enough energy to perform one hop,” said Hervius, his features grim. “And there is no platform within distance for us to relocate.”

“Yes there is,” said Quintus. He pointed at the other airship, which was a few hundred feet away.

“That’ll do,” said Hervius. “Mundai ianua!”

They were suddenly in the hold of the Judgment of Nier.

A deafening explosion from the other ship caused the few crewmembers down below to run upstairs, ignoring the legionnaires who had just appeared in the far corner of the hold.

“Great,” said Oppius. “You just teleported us into the holding cell of the enemy.” more


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