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Thursday, January 14

City Under Siege: Part 6a – The Battle Begins

Quintus stood at the side of General Menisis val’Tensen and Roderick val’Tensen, in a secret meeting between the lines of war. On the other side of the fire stood Adolphos val’Tensen, Lady Teodora val’Borda, and Vlad Martell. Between them stood Divelos Norvitecus, senior monk of the Blades of Hurrian.

“I have gathered you here to offer Precision to he who most deserves it,” said Divelos. “During this time of war, it was prophesized that the blade would be used by a val’Tensen. As per Hurrian’s will, I have brought it with me, here, to decide who shall wield it.” He held the sword before him in its scabbard, a delicately as a mother putting her baby to bed.

Vlad and Quintus exchanged uncomfortable glances. It was clear they were on opposite sides. more


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