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Friday, January 15

City Under Siege: Part 6c – The Battle Begins

Enzo Ularaboo did not stand out amongst the crew on the barbarian longship, covered in skins and gaunt as a scarecrow. While most of the warriors stood head and shoulders above him, Enzo kept pace with his drum, beating a hypnotic rhythm that set the oars of the ship in motion. It was appropriate, he thought, given the task ahead of him.

Until the arrival of the elorii ships, the skohiir barbarians were filled with a desperate hope that they might escape. But Freeport was stubborn, and its armada’s galleons much faster than the longhships. The tcho-tchos who led the attack were non-plussed. Like Enzo, this was all part of the plan.

One of the tcho-tchos nodded to Enzo, smiling a mouth full of filed teeth. Enzo nodded back. That was the signal.

Enzo stopped drumming and lifted the horn of summoning, a weapon of immense power that he had spent every waking hour searching for since he fled Freeport that fateful day, hands behind his back and a bag over his head. Enzo was sure those fools who did that to him were out there. They would pay. They would all pay.

The tcho-tchos put down their oars and looked at him expectantly. Enzo’s chest swelled with pride; he had never had so many men look at him with such awe, even if they were short cannibalistic men.

Enzo blew the horn. Once, twice, three times.

Its three deep calls drowned out the sounds of battle. Time seemed to stop as all the combatants looked around them, unsettled by the thunderous noise.

The sea began to roil and splash violently.

“Rise!” shouted Enzo. “Rise Son of Leviathan, and free your master from R’lyeh’s tomb!” more


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