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Wednesday, January 20

City Under Siege: Part 7c – The Return of Leviathan

“I did it!” shouted Enzo, cavorting on the deck of the longship.

The tcho-tchos had turned on the skohiir, slaughtering them and feasting on their flesh. It was an orgy of violence and celebration at the return of their god.

He watched, ecstatic, as a ring of black energy warped out from Leviathan. “Wait…what’s he doing?”

Enzo watched in horror as the decks of ship after ship collapsed, dead. All throughout the fleet, orcs and elves, Freeporters and tcho-tchos, turned to shriveled husks where they stood.

“But master…” was all Enzo got out before he too collapsed on the deck, dead. more


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:21 AM

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