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Thursday, January 21

City Under Siege: Part 7d – The Return of Leviathan

Kham fired again, and another burst of crystals exploded, wiping a second star off the thing. Leviathan turned towards him with purpose.

Beldin sailed up to the thing’s face. With a mighty roar, he hacked down on the star, cutting it right off Leviathan’s head. Tentacles grabbed him once more, encircling Beldin’s entire body such that he couldn’t even move.

Sebastian sailed past and, with one extended fist, strafed the surface of Leviathan’s head. He struck one of the stars and it sizzled off the thing’s flesh.

“One more star left!” shouted Kham. “Come here you big squid!” He was down to his last pistol. There was no Skiz to reload it for him anymore, but then he wasn’t using normal ammunition either. “Come get some!”

Leviathan lifted one huge, dripping claw and SMASHED Kham and the Divine Fury in half.

“NOOO!” shouted Sebastian. With a roar, he clapped both hands together and unleashed a torrent of eldritch energy from the very depths of his black soul. more


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:27 AM

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