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Friday, January 22

City Under Siege: Part 8a – Aftermath

General Menisis ran down to the area of collapsed wall and wrapped Roderick in the banner of the Pride of Chendo. In moments, the young man’s eyes fluttered to life.

All around Vlad and Quintus, il’Huan bodies lay motionless. Ichor was splashed everywhere, mixed with human blood. Most of Quintus contubernium and almost all of Vlad’s canton were dead.

Quintus, battered and bloody, limped over to pick up Precision. He handed it to the General.

Menisis smiled but shook his head.

Quintus offered it to Roderick, who turned away, tears in his eyes.

“Then it goes back to the Order of the Blade, I suppose,” said Quintus.

Menisis saw Vlad slowly walking towards him, but he made no move to defend himself. “I have a note for your Emperor. Listen well. It is but this: I am coming for you.” more


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