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Sunday, January 24

City Under Siege: Part 8c – Aftermath

Bobbin led the strange man up to the Imperial Suite. It consisted of four rooms, the first being a reception area, complete with furniture Ducayne had purchased.

Whoever he was, Bobbin knew he was wealthy. He guessed that Ducayne was a Coryani escaping the war; although his manner of dress suggested an Altherian, his pale skin was more akin to a Milandisian. And yet he had a hint of a Canceri accent. He was probably an adventurer.

Ducayne hesitated at the door. It was painted with the words: DO NOT DISTURB in red.

“In the past, I am aware that you have suffered some unfortunate…incidents, here.”

Bobbin spread his hands over his apron to wipe the sweat from his palms. “That’s true. Between the samat attack and Coombs’ bombs, the Last Resort has suffered quite a bit of damage. But thanks to our arrangement, we’ll be able to pay off all the old debts. Unfortunately, orc labor’s not cheap anymore.”

The stranger allowed a slight smile. “Those days are over. From now on The Last Resort is under my protection.”

“That’s…comforting, sir.”

“That is all, Mr. Brandydale. Thank you for your time.”

Bobbin nodded and stepped backwards. Before the door closed, a squeaky voice reached his ears.

“So I gotta stay on watch all day in here, boss?”

“Not just here, Skiz,” said the man who called himself Ducayne. “I have other work for you to do…”

Then the door closed and Bobbin was glad he could hear no more. more


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