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Sunday, January 3

City Under Siege: Prologue

“You switched the healing potion bandoliers with poison!” growled Gaius at the Hospitaler.

“What kind of poison?” asked the Hospitaler.

“They fell into a deep slumber,” said Gaius. “But that’s not the point—“

“Is it? We haven’t killed anyone. Have you?”

“What are you getting at?”

“We know of High General Dorjan val’Mehan’s punitive expedition to the Temple of Beltine,” said the Hospitaler. “Your men, impersonating members of the Legion of the Defiant Shield, slaughtered many defenseless priests who were tending the wounded.”

The living conditions in Enpebyn had becoming increasingly worse. With eighty thousand soldiers and the local population, too many people were crowded inside the city competing for too little food. Menisis had decided to release the women and children from the citadel, hoping to save food for the fighters and hoping that Calsestus would open a breach to let them go. But Calsestus issued orders that nothing should be done for these civilians and the women and children were left to starve in the no man's land between the city walls and the circumvallation. The Beltinian Hospitalers, struggling to remain neutral, took them in.

“Bah!” shouted Gaius. “You’ve no proof!”

Cunegunda spoke up. “Actually, they do.” more


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