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Monday, January 18

Crisis in Freeport: Part 7a – The Return of Leviathan

Another ship fell to the mighty sea creature, crushed by its many tentacles. The hideous beast’s maw scooped up the survivors and swallowed them whole. As it did so, its eyes crackled with a dark blue energy. Suddenly, a beam burst forth like a lightning bolt toward the tower in the middle of the sea. The tomb of Leviathan absorbed the beam and glowed with a dark blue light.

Kham looked down at the Leviathan Pistol at his belt. It glowed with the same dark blue light.


“I see it,” said Sebastian. He was holding the Leviathan Bell and Sextant.

“Me too,” said Beldin, who held the Leviathan Hook and Spyglass. “This can’t be good.”

A powerful bolt of energy left the kraken and shot towards the tower, followed by a deafening thunderclap. The tower began shrinking, collapsing in on itself, as the energy surrounding it grew brighter. Suddenly, the Leviathan artifacts were ripped from their grasp. The Pistol, Bell, Hook, and Spyglas floated in the air toward the tower.

“This is bad,” said Kham. “Very bad.” more


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