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Tuesday, January 19

Crisis in Freeport: Part 7b – The Return of Leviathan

“Fire!” shouted Kham.

The Divine Fury fired all of its cannons. The blast surged into Leviathan’s flesh but the wounds bubbled and sealed.

Sebastian flapped up and around it, a fly annoying a giant. A blast of cold spread from his hands, scouring Leviathan’s head, but the frozen flesh was merely reabsorbed.

Using Cho Sun’s ring, Beldin rode a tidal wave to engage Leviathan. He hacked at its legs, but the thing ignored him.

Flames came next from Sebastian, and again the endless replicating form swallowed up the burnt flesh.

Beldin rose higher on the wave, and this time Leviathan took notice. Tentacles squirmed outwards and snatched him off the wave.

Sebastian threw an orb of acid, and it simply disappeared into Leviathan’s arm with no effect.

Beldin struggled in the tentacles. One tentacle burst the dwarf’s shield into pieces. Another snapped Windcutter in half before his very eyes. Leviathan was toying with him.

“Damn it, Beldin!” shouted Kham. He concentrated, and suddenly he was in Leviathan’s tentacles and Beldin was on the deck of the Divine Fury.

“Wow, you’re even uglier up close.” Kham drew a bead with two pistols. His eyes flashed, and a swarm of crystals burst from his pistols, shredding one of the stars from Leviathan’s head. The avatar recoiled. more


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