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Sunday, September 5

In Media Res: Part 2 – The Thing in the Trunk

Outside, there was a barn with a fenced in yard about forty yards from the house. Neighing indicated that there were horses inside. Morowitz shook his head in disgust at just how rural their surroundings really were and made a beeline to the car.

It was wedged tightly into the ditch. Morowitz put his bulk behind it and gave it an experimental shove. It moved, but not by much.

"Well don't just stand there m***erf****ers!" He shouted. "Get to it!"

Bean, pocketed his knife. Jones placed the homemade explosive down by the entry to the house. They both put their shoulders to the car and shoved along with Morowitz.

Shrieking and groaning, the vehicle slowly made its way out of the ditch. When it finally was level again, Morowitz checked the ignition.

"Keys are still in it," he grunted, pleased.

"Did we drive this car here?" asked Jones.


"Uh, guys…" said Bean. "You may want to take a look at this."

The trunk had partially opened in their efforts to dislodge the vehicle. In the darkness, a single unblinking eye stared up at them, illuminated in the waning light.

Morowitz lifted up the trunk. "S**t."

Inside were two women, dead. The younger was just a teenager, not more than sixteen. The other was probably her mother, judging from the family resemblance. They shared more than looks – each had a red bullet hole in their forehead. more


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