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Monday, September 6

In Media Res: Part 3 – Things go Bust

Morgan rifled through the clothing of the man of the house, indifferent as to the fate of its owner. Dead, he decided, if they were lucky. Morgan was a cold-blooded killer, he knew that much. But he wasn't some psycho – not the type to skin a man's face off or eat his tongue.

He wanted to scrub the stink of the place off of him. They were into some weird, deep s**t – cult stuff, the kind of things that made the news. And Morgan didn't like the idea of making more news.

He was going to have to ditch the others, and fast. Morowitz was too surly and unpredictable. Jones was too quiet. And Bean was just plain too f**ked up. He didn't trust any of them.

Morgan turned the water on. After squeaking and shuddering in protest, the pipes complied.

The blood washed away. Morgan put one hand on the bathroom wall and bowed his head, letting the water pour over him, enjoying the sensation.

When he looked up, he saw that he'd left a fading, bloody handprint on the shower wall. It looked like the blot downstairs. And that reminded him of something... more

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