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Tuesday, September 7

In Media Res: Part 4 – Power and Pain

Morgan stepped out into the doorway of the cabin, cleaner and dressed differently. The clothes didn't fit perfectly but they would do. The others were looking at him strangely. He knew something was up.

Morgan kept one hand on the pistol but didn't pull it out. "What?"

Morowitz stabbed an accusing finger in the direction of the open trunk. "Did you do this s**t?"

Morgan peered into it. "Dead bodies, huh?"

"One shot to the head each," said Bean. "Clean. Quick."

"Maybe I did," said Morgan. "So what?"

"So what?" asked Morowitz. The big butcher knife was in his hand. "Maybe I don't trust someone who shoots little girls with a gun. Hand it over."

Morgan backed up. "No."

"I'm not gonna ask again, little man." Morowitz took another menacing step forward. "Hand it over or I will inflict a world of hurt…"

And then Morowitz remembered too… more


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:47 AM

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